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Bespoke Building

How might we construct complex bespoke building components using 3D printing techniques that allow for designs that are aesthetically impressive, cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable?

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Challenge Statement Owner
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Background and Current Practice

Building designs are constrained by factors such as cost, time and challenges faced during the production process, but never imagination. The benefits of utilising 3D printing in construction provides breakthrough opportunities in various parts of a building such as its facade, allowing for a unique look and therefore potentially increasing the value of the building.

Bespoke and complex facades can be made sustainable with 3D printing. It unleashes the potential of fascinating designs while reduces reliance of laborious production processes from the likes of craftsmen.

Opportunities and Key Challenges

3D printing is recognised as a technology that can enable the sustainable development of bespoke building components. The following should be considered for the solution to be feasible:

  1. The solution should be able to produce aesthetically pleasing and boundary pushing designs to derive products that include free form and non-symmetrical components.

  2. The solution must be scalable to cater for larger-scale production of building components.

  3. The material used for 3D printing must be environmentally sustainable and preferably recyclable.

  4. The solution should be cost-effective, especially if the production is scaled.

We are looking for solution provider(s) with the ability to both generate complex designs of building components using computational methods, and provide the 3D printing technology to their designs. The solution provider must have strong 3D printing and post-processing capabilities to produce high-quality building components in accordance to its designs. The Challenge Statement Owner will be able to support the solution provider with engineering expertise and insights into the site assembly process.

Expected Outcomes

Additional Information Required

The 3D design and printing services enable the construction of building components, particularly facades that are aesthetically impressive. As part of the prototyping process, the solution provider will produce computational designs of facades and physical samples (in the range of 300mm x 300mm to 500mm x 500mm) based on the computational design. 


The solution must cater for large-scale production and consider factors like cost and sustainability.

As part of your submission, you should include your design portfolio and photographic examples of past work (printed 3D models).