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Intelligent Remote Monitoring System for Waterproofing

Challenge Statement Owner:

Background and Current Practice

Waterproofing involves the application of waterproof membranes or physical barriers to prevent moisture from penetrating building structures. Waterproofing work is a manual process done by skilled workers. The quality of work is highly dependent on the skill and execution of these workers at each step. 

Supervision and timely instructions are important to ensure the quality of work, as the waterproofing project sites could vary in requirements, conditions, and thus complexity. It is time-consuming and costly for the engineers and technical managers to visit the sites, especially those located overseas, to provide supervision and perform quality inspections. Even with site visits, it is still not feasible to monitor and inspect the entire waterproofing process to ensure every step is done with minimal flaws. 

Any flaw in the process can lead to waterproofing failures, which then require costly rectification works or worse, cause damage to the building structure or system. Poor workmanship is the main cause of such failures.

Opportunity Areas and Key Challenges

We are interested in solutions that enable the remote monitoring, inspection and/or instruction of the workers. The solution could even improve the waterproofing process to help the workers consistently achieve good quality of workmanship. It would ultimately help to reduce the need for engineers and technical managers to be onsite to ensure the quality of waterproofing work.

The solution could be IoT devices installed on site, attached to the workers or both, and must fulfil the following requirements: 

  • It must be easy to set up and not obstruct or interfere with the waterproofing activities. 
  • It must be able to monitor the activities for the entire surface area that require waterproofing.
  • It must work for different waterproofing products. The following products are to be prioritised; their application and installation methods can be found in the respective brochures:

    Priority #1 : Traffigard (For Roof)
    Priority #2 : Formceal 3000X (For Basement)
    Priority #3 : Formdex Uni (For Wet Areas)
  • Even with the possibility of 24/7 remote monitoring, the engineers and technical managers cannot dedicate too much of their time to actively monitor the waterproofing process. The solution should enable the entire process to be monitored, but must intelligently alert engineers and technical managers on progress, issues, and abnormalities. 

The solution must include a dashboard that integrates the monitoring information and alerts from different project sites.

Expected Outcomes

An imaging device performs real-time remote monitoring of workers performing waterproofing activities, thereby reducing the need for engineers and technical managers to be onsite. The data collected is analysed, and relevant stakeholders are sent alerts regarding the progress, issues, and abnormalities.


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