Completed Projects

ASD | Aviation Virtual

Founded in 2014, Aviation Virtual is a Virtual Reality Solutions Provider. The company offers VR Visualizers, Visualization Content Development, VR training applications and AI-IoT integrated VR solutions as its key products/services. In addition, the company also offers Aviation Ground Training VR-based systems and BIM-Pointclouds tools integrated with geospatial locations. Visit Website Project Title: Drone-Based Scanning of Buildings for 3D Modelling Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: The solution improved the efficiency and accuracy of inspection activities by developing an integrated building inspection solution and combining multiple technologies such as LIDAR scanning, BIM-related technology and drones. It is adopted by BCA to demonstrate effectiveness of 3D model in virtual reality environment for data analytics.

ASD | Nucon Labs

Nucon Labs was incorporated in May 2019 as part of the Entrepreneur First Deep Technology incubator program supported by SG Innovate. Since then Nucon Labs has demonstrated a reliable track record at demonstrating clear value proposition of machine learning technologies to guide process improvement at international construction companies. Nucon Labs released its first product, AI Quality Manager for Lendlease Asia in July 2019. Over four months of engagement, Nucon has grown its database of construction defects from its customers from 2,000 to 200,000, and its assets under management from 1 development to 15 developments, totalling over 8 million sqft and $7bn development value. Nucon is operational in live projects across three countries: Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Visit Website Project Title: Prioritisation Engine for Streamlined Coordination Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Nucon Labs worked with Kimly Construction to develop an AI platform, powered by historical production data, to automate the prioritisation of matters to follow-up and streamline the process of decision making for users. The novelty lies in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) model in the AI platform to read natural language (especially Southeast Asian English) and extract critical information.

ASD | UnaBiz

UnaBiz is a Singapore-based end-to-end Internet of Things solutions company dedicated to accelerating the adoption of IoT worldwide. As Sigfox exclusive low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) operator in Singapore and Taiwan, the company provides IoT connectivity, as well as sell solutions to more than 30 countries around the world. UnaBiz raised US$10 million in its Series A Funding from KDDI SORACOM and ENGIE in 2018. Thereafter, the company has expanded its reach with a solution office in Thailand with expansion plans in Japan and Indonesia. Visit Website Project Title: Asset Tracking and Utilization Monitoring with Sigfox Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: UnaBiz developed a cost-effective asset tracking and utility monitoring device which rides on Sigfox (Low Power Wide Area Network) network technology. The solution allows critical data such as location and utilization rate of assets to be transmitted at low cost and low battery consumption.

ASD | Boustead Projects

Established in 1996, Boustead Projects Limited is a leading provider of innovative real estate solutions with an international presence across Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. Their core business supports the business park and industrial real estate ecosystem – including turnkey engineering full-fledged integrated digital delivery (IDD), construction and project management encompassing design-and-build, real estate development, leasing and asset management, as well as real estate fund management of Boustead Industrial Fund. Visit Website Project Title: Integrated System for Facilities Management Challenge Statement Owner: Echobase Scope of the Project: Boustead Projects worked with Echo Base to deploy an open platform that will consolidate the monitoring and execution of building-related operations. The main innovation is the integrated platform for all systems and devices in the building environment to leverage their data and implement complex business processes which are otherwise impossible when using the standalone systems.

MD | Qi Square

Qi Square Pte Ltd is a spin-off company from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. It brings decades of research, experience and knowledge on green building technologies and tools. The company develops and commercialises a virtual energy audit technique using calibrated multi-physics simulation models to assess building performance and its improvement potential. Visit Website Project Title: Enhanced Virtual Energy Audits Using Machine Learning and Multi-Physics Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Building on their virtual energy audit platform, Qi Square worked with JTC Corporation to optimize building performance by developing a multi-physics simulation model. The model creates an accurate representation of ‘Digital Twins’ for real-time operational control. The solution provides a cost-effective way for building owners and developers to make continuous improvements and informed decisions such as retrofitting investments.

MD | VRcollab

VRcollab’s Core Technology automatically converts BIM (Building Information Models) for use in Virtual Reality. Redefining collaboration in construction, VRcollab takes BIM to the next level, enabling architects, engineers, planners and consultants to communicate seamlessly. Visit Website Project Title: Semantic Graph and Ontology based Design Requirement Checks Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: VRcollab worked with HDB to further develop an auto-checker module within the existing multi-user virtual reality communication tool that enables the Building Quality team to inspect a virtual mock-up instead of the conventional timber mock-up. The solution aims to improve the user experience and application by allowing end users to select and check semantic rules based on flexible filters.

Ongoing Projects

ASD to MD | Aviation Virtual

Founded in 2014, Aviation Virtual is a Virtual Reality Solutions Provider. The company offers VR Visualizers, Visualization Content Development, VR training applications and AI-IoT integrated VR solutions as its key products/services. In addition, the company also offers Aviation Ground Training VR-based systems and BIM-Pointclouds tools integrated with geospatial locations. Visit Website Project Title: BIM-based Augmented Reality for Dimensional and Spatial Verification of Building Elements Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Aviation Virtual is developing a wearable device for BCA which maps the BIM model as an Augmented Reality (AR) overlay onto structures or open spaces at construction sites. It facilitates the inspection process by giving real-time measurement and feedback. The responsiveness of the device enables real-time feedback to its users by segmenting heavy BIM file into multiple smaller segments to improve software responsiveness.

ASD to MD | Aespada

Empowered with Advanced cloud technologies, Aespada aims to build an Ecosystem of Shared Economies of Resources in the Construction Industry to facilitate transportation and movement of construction materials and sharing of heavy equipment in order to reduce transportation/rental cost, optimize machineries value, minimizing carbon footprint and increasing productivity. Visit Website Project Title: Smart Logistics Platform Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Aespada Technologies is developing a smart logistics platform which allows construction companies to gain access to a network of heavy vehicle providers. The solution aims to reduce inefficiencies and optimise resources by connecting and coordinating the movement of assets in the construction industry.

ASD to MD | Tagvance

Tagvance Pte. Ltd. was set up in Singapore in 2017 by three co-founders. The company’s main business is to help industrial entities monitor the location of their assets & manpower. Tagvance offers high accuracy real time location tracking solutions as its key service. Moreover, the solutions are designed for tracking assets both indoors & outdoors and semi-confined places. Its key customer segments are mining industry, port operators, and shipyards. Tagvance has commercial deployments in Turkey, Ukraine, and UAE. Visit Website Project Title: Industrial IoT Tracking Platform Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Tagvance is working with Straits Construction to develop an IoT network, comprising of tags and sensors riding on Long Range wireless communication (LoRa) and Bluetooth 5.0, to relay positioning data of people and assets in order to enhance work safety. The IoT network can potentially penetrate through dense concrete structures, track vertical positioning in both semi-confined and large spaces which are common in construction sites.

ASD to MD | Vebits

Set up in 2017, Vebits develops solutions for AI and computer vision. The company offers AI as a service as its key products / services. In addition, Vebits also offers AI edge computing and AI for mobility. The company’s current target segments are transportation and government. Visit Website Project Title: Smart Sensor for Detection of Foreign Objects from Aggregated Stockpiles Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Vebits is developing an affordable camera system which is able to recognise foreign objects in stockpiles through the incorporation of an AI-driven video analytics software and machine learning. The cost-effective solution is selected by Samwoh for its ability to separate non-metallic materials from stockpiles.

MD | Watson EP

Established in 1977, Watson EP (Watson) is a Singapore-based contract manufacturing firm with over 35 years of strong track record & operations across Asia. The company’s key competencies include product design & development, 3D printing, tool design & fabrication, injection moulding, electroplating, PCBA, spray painting, printing & full product assembly. Watson is also an established leader in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shield coating & electroplating on plastic components. Visit Website Project Title: Effective Management of Equipment Maintenance and Utility Rate Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Watson EP’s Enterprise Asset Management (EP EAM) solution is a cloud-based telematics platform for tracking off-road equipment that provides Samwoh with real-time operational intelligence to become more productive and profitable. EP Watson's NarrowBand-IoT tracker is ruggedized, affordable and OEM agnostic. The platform integrates with third party Can Bus devices to extract granular data points such as fuel consumption & diagnostic trouble codes

MD | SQL View

Founded in 1992, SQL View develops softwares, with key products including KRIS, BUILDFOLIO and MEETNITS. In addition, the company also offers project services and maintenance services. Its key customer segments are in government sectors and commercial buildings. The company currently has operations in Singapore and China. Visit Website Project Title: Better System Integration for Facilities Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: SQL View is working with Soilbuild to test-bed and enhance SQL’s Buildfolio platform to manage service requests from initiation, coordination of tasks among various stakeholders. It integrates with WhatsApp to facilitate communications between the stakeholders and captures conversations to facilitate work order processing.



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