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Digital Design and Construction

Seamless and Self-Propagation between design, engineering and construction analytics models 


Demand drivers: Surbana Jurong

Materials and Resource Management

Reliable method of tagging and tracking materials


Demand drivers: Tiong Seng Construction, Samwoh

Detection and removal of foreign objects from aggregate stockpiles

Demand drivers: Samwoh

Construction Manufacturing and Fabrication

Smart assembly of rebar cages

Demand drivers: Teambuild

Improve the effectiveness of inspection process and quality of works at pre-cast yard

Demand drivers: HDB, JTC, City Developments Limited

Knowledge Management and Capture 

Innovative predictive planning solution


Demand drivers: Soilbuild

Innovative and smart data depository for effective project management

Demand drivers: Keppel Land, Samwoh

Effective management of equipment maintenance and utility rate

Demand drivers: Samwoh

Common Repository for workable templates and objects

Demand drivers: P&T Consultants Pte Ltd

Early and comprehensive underground service detection

Open category

Construction Site Safety 

Innovative Tracking and predictive system for workplace safety

Demand drivers: Kimly construction, Straits Construction, JTC, Samwoh, Tiong Seng Construction

Building Inspection & Facilities Management

Smart Inspection Platform

Demand drivers: BCA, JTC, Surbana Jurong

Better system integration for facilities management

Demand drivers: SoilBuild

Innovative predictive solution for building maintenance

Demand drivers: Surbana Jurong

Determining Integrity and Durability of Existing buildings and aging structures

Demand drivers: JTC, HDB

Innovative solution for building facade cleaning, inspection and diagnosis

Demand drivers: Surbana Jurong, JTC, Singapore Green Building Council


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