Completed Projects

ASD | Sensorla

Visit Website Project Title: Intelligent Matching of Workers to Job location Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Sensorla WRIST is able to track workers' location and conditions in real-time using existing wifi infrastructure. Devices can be triangulated through wifi signal and Media access control (MAC) addresses. Bluetooth connection can also be integrated and activated in areas of weak wifi signal. The solution also integrates to feedback panels, facility management systems and other sensors.

ASD | BIMAGE Consulting

Visit Website Project Title: Customisable unified viewing platform for BIM models Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Using Unity Reflect as the foundation, BIMAGE built a platform for the construction industry to transfer and access multiple BIM models from various software (Revit, Sketchup, Rhino etc) onto a unified viewing platform. The configurable viewer application is developed with User Service Platform (USP) features such as augmented reality capability, real-time federation of BIM data from Revit, Sketchup. The solution allows users to modify and digitise their worksite, and make improvements on features based on feedback on existing platforms (Annotation, plan visualisation etc).

Ongoing Projects

MD | Hubble

Visit Website Project Title: Hubble Automated Construction Scheduling Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Hubble is developing a product that can fully automate construction scheduling directly from a BIM model based on predetermined set of construction logic.

MD | Novade

Visit Website Project Title: Innovative predictive planning solution - for planning coordination with contractors Challenge Statement Owner: Scope of the Project: Novade is developing a coordination digital platform for the PPVC factories of Dragages, leveraging on construction sites information. The solution helps coordinate different schedule elements such as planning, estimated time for tasks, real time, cost analysis, value stream analysis etc. between the main contractor and the team doing the construction of the PPVC modules. The platform consist of 3 modules: • General management information • Lean construction information and feedback • Modelling on Major KPI With these additional modules, the Novade platform empowers project managers to manage tasks in the field, to monitor activity progress, generate reports in seconds and help save time by streamlining processes.



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