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Automated Addition and Alteration Work Plans Submission Processing

How might we automate the search and retrieval of relevant drawings to support the processes to review and check Addition and Alteration submissions?

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Background and Current Practice

Before renovating a Housing Development Board (HDB) property, the applicant is required to submit the proposed Addition and Alteration (A&A) work plan to HDB to request for approval. The HDB personnel will review the A&A work plan to ensure the works will not affect the building structures before granting approval.

This is a tedious and time-consuming process, and involves searching for the relevant building plan drawings specific to the housing project found in HDB’s databases.

Opportunities and Key Challenges

HDB receives more than 2,000 A&A applications monthly. The current workflow to process plan submissions can be streamlined and automated to save significant time for HDB personnel.


An intelligent knowledge base could be deployed to automatically execute the task of
searching through several databases to retrieve the relevant drawings and then automatically
mapped and identified the proposed work in relation to the building structures. The HDB
personnel involved can then easily navigate between the relevant drawings in the knowledge
base. For example, the HDB personnel is able to access the drawings by clicking on the
drawing names found under the “List of Drawings” document, then mapped the submitted
A&A work plan against the retrieved drawings from the databases. Concurrently, the process
identifies any non-compliances affecting the building structures.

The proposed solution should also possess the following features and capabilities:

  • Ability to recognise and interpret text and image data found in the PDF drawing files;

  • Provide links to the text and images to access the relevant drawings;

  • Intelligent system to recognise and map the proposed A&A work plan on different sets
    of building plans and identify non-compliances.


  • A user interface that compiles and displays relevant drawings while allowing
    annotations; and


  • Ability to generate a supporting report if the proposed A&A work plan submission
    does not meet the requirements.

Expected Outcomes

The automation solution searches and retrieves relevant drawings from HDB’s databases to support the processing of A&A work plan submissions. The solution streamlines the workflow and saves a significant amount of time and manpower.