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Digital Collection of Production Metrics with Automated Reporting 

How might we digitally collect actual production metrics and automate the reporting process? 

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Background and Current Practice

Production metrics comprise data on the actual quantity of work completed daily, as well as the resources and manpower mobilised for the different trades on a construction site. Currently, site supervisors manually record production metrics on paper. They submit the records to site engineers who compile and tabulate the data collected. 

This process is tedious, time consuming and prone to human error. There is also lag time before the generated data is received by the site management and the organisation’s senior management.  Hence, these stakeholders do not have up-to-date information on actual versus planned production metrics, to better track the progress of works, investigate on-site issues, and call for early intervention if necessary. 

Opportunities and Key Challenges

A digital solution would assist site supervisors in their daily routine to gather actual production metrics for their site. The existing data collection method is limited by the paper format, and a new digital means would serve to ease the data collection process and allow more data to be collected, such as data specific to individual workers and machineries deployed on-site. 


The platform must be able to be installed on the personal devices of site supervisors and act as their personal assistant by giving them timely reminders to submit the production metrics.

The submitted production metrics would then be sent to the site engineer or management for review and validation.  


For reporting purposes, the actual production metrics collected would be compiled, tabulated,  visualised and compared against the planned production metrics. A solution with the capabilities to calculate the projected days delayed or ahead would also be useful for site resource planning.

Expected Outcomes

The digital solution supports better data collection of the production metrics and automates the process of compiling, tabulating, visualising and comparing production metrics for same-day reporting to site management and senior management. The solution calculates the projected days delayed or ahead to assist with site resource planning. The solution also reduces human errors.