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Programme Overview

The Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP) was set up to bring innovators and companies together to fast-track the innovation process to solve real world industry challenges. This initiative is led by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), JTC Corporation (JTC) and Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG).


To develop innovations to solve Built Environment challenges.
To pilot and test bed solutions to validate innovations for the generation of lead demand.
To build up local enterprises’ innovation capabilities.
To promote investment partnerships between innovators & companies in the Built Environment domain.

Thematic Pillars

Past Challenge Statements (click on the boxes above to filter)
Seamless Material Tracking for Cement Tankers
Routine Inspection of Corridors of HDB Blocks
Referencing and Marking for Fabrication of Prefabricated Bathroom Units
Mechanical Splicing of Reinforcement Bars
Intelligent Remote Monitoring System for Waterproofing
Digital Test of Concrete Strength Development in Precast Production
Data-Centric Approach to Trench Cutter Machine Operations
Automated Installation of Noise Barrier Panels
Automated Inspection of Precast Components
Automated Floor Tile Grouting
Automated Concrete Grinding for Wall and Ceiling Surfaces
Automated Collection of Carbon Emission Data
AI-based Video Analytics for Progress Monitoring
Automated Addition and Alteration work plans submission processing
Augmented Reality Visualisation for Precast Element Installation and Inspection
Excavator Usage Monitoring
Digital Collection of Production Metrics with Automated Reporting
Common Data Environment System for Construction Management
Personalised Thermal Comfort for Office Occupants
Remote Inspection of PPVC Fabrication Process
Close-up Inspection of Building Facades
Layout Information Gathering for As-built Services in the Ceiling Space
Smart Mechanical RC Pipe Installation System
Corrosion Monitoring of Rebars inside Concrete Structures
Integrated Approach to Building Facade Cleaning, Inspection & Repair
Semi-automated Spot Cleaning of Washrooms
Drone Photogrammetry for Site Monitoring
Delivery of Materials on Building Floors
Unit Layout Plan Optimisation for PPVC Projects
3D-Printed Bespoke Building Components
Smart Storage, Management and Transportation of Rebar Parts
Computer-aided Interpretation of Drawings for Rebar Cage Assembly
Radiation Cooling Solution for External Surfaces of Buildings
Noise Reduction for Residential Units
Leveraging on Natural Ventilation to Reduce Energy Consumption
Maintenance of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust
Stain-proof Lift Mat for Residential Building
Innovative Solution to Deter Bird Perching on Building Façade
Innovative Cleaning Solution for Residential Buildings
Improving Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality
Improving the Effectiveness of Inspection Process and Quality of Works at Pre-cast Yard
Intelligent Design Prototype Generator
Intelligent 3D BIM Verification Platform
Reliable Method of Tagging and Tracking Materials
Automated Quality Control for Prefabricated MEP Modules
Automated Conversion Between BIM and SDD for MEP Design
Reliable Method of Tagging and Tracking Materials
Knowledge Capture & Data Analysis Platform
Innovative Solutions to Support Facilities Management
Innovative Predictive Solution for Building Maintenance
Innovative Location Tracking to Enhance Workplace Safety
Innovative and Intelligent Water Monitoring Tool for Residential Buildings
Holistic Digitisation of Site Environment for Better Site Management and Analysis
Digital Twin for ICPH Facilities Management
Innovative Hoisting Mechanism to Enhance Lifting Safety
Innovative Cleaning Solution for Internaland External Building Facade
Determining Integrity and Durability of Existing Buildings and Aging Structures
Smart Measuring System for Aggregate
Smart Assembly of Rebar Cages
Enhancing the Accuracy and Productivity of Corrosion Monitoring
Reinforcement for Concrete 3D Printing
Autonomous Construction Vehicles and Lifting Equipment
Use of Recycled Materials for Building and Construction Application
Detection and Removal of Foreign Objects From Aggregate Stockpiles
Early and Comprehensive Underground Service Detection
Common Repository for Workable Templates & Objects
Seamless and Self-Propagation Between Design, Engineering and Construction Analytics Models
Effective Management of Equipment Maintanence and Utility Rate
Innovative Predictive Planning Solution
Innovative and Smart Data Depository for Effective Project Management
Innovative Tracking and Predictive System for Workplace Safety
Improve the Effectiveness of Inspection Process and Quality of Works at Pre-Cast Yard
Smart Assembly of Rebar Cages
Determining Integrity and Durability of Existing Buildings and Aging Structures
Smart Inspection Platform
Innovative Predictive Solution for Building Maintanence
Innovative Solution for Building Façade Cleaning, Inspection and Diagnosis
Better System Integration For Facilities Management

Programme Phases