Visualising Precast Elements

Digital Asset Delivery and Project Management
Cycle 3

Founded in 2016, VRcollab is made of tinkerers and innovators. Initially focused on developing Building Information Modelling (BIM)-to-Virtual Reality (VR) software products, we have since evolved into one of the premier coordination tools and BIM amplifications for architecture, engineering and construction professionals globally. BEAMP has been an important part of our journey, since our participation in Cycle 1 in 2018. 

In 2021, BEAMP Cycle 3 brought another opportunity to apply our expertise to practical problems: this time, working with China Construction (South Pacific) Development to help them visualise the installation and inspection of precast elements using Augmented Reality (AR). 

Traditionally, this process relies on verbal communication to plan and coordinate the installation, while referencing 3D or 2D drawings, which still might not reflect the realities at the construction site. Installation and inspection of precast elements also involves a lot of manual work. 

We envisioned an AR solution that could project the 3D models onto the construction site and help stakeholders better visualise the required layout for accurate execution of the precast element installation. Upon installation, the AR solution can help inspectors visualise the installation requirements to verify accuracy.

While current BIM-to-AR solutions have their limits, we ensured that all BIM data can be utilised downstream for prefabrication and on-site processes with further allowance for it to be used post-construction during the facility management stage of the building lifecycle.

BEAMP has given us access to challenge statements that we would not have known otherwise. This has allowed us to push the boundaries of what we can achieve with our expertise, and create more value for all stakeholders. 

Through our participation in BEAMP and subsequent collaborations, we have been able to achieve time savings of up to 30% during the pre- and post-installation phases for structural precast elements. We have also been able to increase the accuracy of installation by 50%. 

In addition, we connected with industry leaders who shared their expertise; that helped us tremendously in our development phase. Until BEAMP, we had not experienced a commercial engagement that facilitated this level of value co-creation between an industry partner and a technology provider like VRcollab. 

We intend to productise this AR solution for sale locally and internationally to existing and new customers. The business model will be a Software-as-a-Service model with an annual subscription to facilitate ease of usage, implementation, and procurement. Finally, we will utilise existing and new resellers of our current product to sell this new AR product.

Ryan Liew
CEO, VRcollab

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Published On:
October 12, 2023