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Automated BIM Database Mapping

Challenge Statement Owner:

Founded and headquartered in Singapore, CPG Corporation is one of Asia’s leading full service professional development consultancy firms. Armed with a complete suite of consultancy services comprising architecture and engineering, infrastructure, building development and management services, they have etched their mark on distinctive projects that span the globe.

Together with close to 2,000 talented and passionate individuals, they have achieved a widely acclaimed portfolio and expanded their footprint internationally to over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America, driven by their quest to export their thought leadership outside of Singapore.


Some construction projects require a massive amount of information to be embedded into BIM models. To prepare BIM models which fulfil the level of information required, there are many datasets and essential data attributes (for example, floors, walls, columns, windows, and doors) that need to be tagged to Revit families..

The process of tagging these essential data attributes is done manually, with additional manpower often deployed for this. Tagging is a skilled task that not all staff at consultancy services companies like CPG Consultants, are familiar with, thus presenting a significant operational challenge.

As a start, CPG has set up a centralised data management platform to manage the numerous BIM objects in their database. However, the system in its current form is unable to validate tagged objects in terms of parameter creation, parameter value population, and parameter value checking. Without this validation, it is not possible to determine if the BIM objects meet the requirements for the level of information needed.

The Challenge

CPG Consultants is looking for a solution to automate the process of mapping essential data attributes and parameters to their corresponding Revit categories.


The solution should: 

  • Be able to integrate seamlessly with Revit and other common BIM software where applicable;
  • Be able to integrate seamlessly with multiple mapping databases (for example, IFC-SG, MCR, and GWP);
  • Enable all Revit families (for example, floors, walls, columns, doors, and windows) to be automatically and accurately tagged with essential data and parameter values from CPG databases;
  • Automatically check for the accuracy of parameter values;
  • Automatically create system families and classify objects accurately into each family;
  • Establish and streamline workflows to tag typical rooms modelled in Revit, including key Revit families (for example, floors, walls, columns, doors, windows, equipment, and furniture). This should apply to other common BIM software where applicable.

Additionally, the solution provider should work towards measuring and quantifying the time savings associated with their solution, in comparison to conventional manual methods.

Proof-of-concept (POC)/Pilot Support

CPG will provide the selected solution provider with support and expertise from their BIM managers and designers, as well as relevant datasets to test the solution.


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