Digital Asset Delivery and Project Management

Automated Tracking of Earthworks and ERSS

Challenge Statement Owner:

Penta-Ocean (Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.) is an industry-leading Japanese Construction firm that has a widespread business presence globally. Thay have offices in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, Middle East, Myanmar, Africa and Delhi. In 1965, Penta-Ocean established their International Business Unit in Singapore, where they served as a major contractor for multiple land reclamation works such as the Marina Bay, Tuas, and Singapore Changi Airport reclamations. Since then, their business has grown to include land civil engineering and building construction works.


The tracking of manpower and equipment productivity, and project progress in construction sites is done manually. The main contractor is required to compile productivity data from their subcontractors and turn them into periodic reports. On top of this being time consuming, the current practice results in missing or unreliable data.

In civil projects, early construction is focused on earthworks and installing the Earth Retaining Stabilising Structure (ERSS). At this stage, utilities, equipment, vehicles, and even CCTVs are often moved around the site. The frequency and extent of such movements makes it challenging to track productivity manually.

Video surveillance systems will become compulsory at all sites with high-risk work activities from June 2025. While most of Penta-Ocean’s worksites already utilise CCTV monitoring prior to this regulation, this new change offers a good opportunity to explore how surveillance data can be leveraged to provide continuous tracking and monitoring of construction activities, thus reducing the need for manual monitoring and reporting whilst. Real-time visibility into productivity, cycle times, and progress, allows for prompt intervention and decision-making. It eliminates the subjectivity and potential errors associated with manual tracking, ensuring more accurate reporting and analysis. 

Penta-Ocean has begun trialling video and analytics solutions for use cases such as site safety, equipment identification, and vehicle tracking. For the next stage, they are keen to explore using the video feed to enable new solutions and an integrated system that ingests all data feeds to generate insightful, actionable progress reports.

The Challenge

Penta-Ocean is looking for a solution that enables automated, end-to-end tracking and reporting of productivity and progress of earthworks and ERSS at civil worksites.


The solution should:

  • Be able to read data from site CCTVs; 
  • Have 90% accuracy in object and activity detection (see resources for full list of activities to be tracked);
  • Be able to detect unexpected downtimes and provide automatically calibrated productivity insights;  
  • Provide a platform, including a customisable dashboard, that aggregates the site activity data into a dashboard with useful insights 
  • Enable automated PDF export of regular (option to choose daily, weekly or monthly) progress and productivity reports;
  • Be securely hosted with access enabled only by user logins.

Good to have: 

  • Direction integration with Microsoft Project or Primaverato update percentage-completion progress of each activity; 
  • Integration with and hosting the dashboard on the common data environment (Fulcrum);
  • Enable 3D model visualisation of earthworks progress by photogrammetry;
  • Enable BIM model visualisation of piling and D-wall progress, minimally supporting Autodesk Revit and International Foundation Class (IFC)

Proof-of-concept (POC)/Pilot Support

Penta-Ocean has identified a project site in Singapore for test bedding. They will offer access to live and past CCTV footage,  as well as expertise and insights on developing optimal dashboards.

Penta-Ocean is open to work with early-stage solution providers on a proof-of-concept. If the solution is successful, they may adopt it on a subscription model.


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