BEAMP Cycle 4

The Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP)

Is a multi-agency initiative designed to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem for the Built Environment sector in Singapore.

BEAMP has created a platform for innovators and Built Environment (BE) industry players to collaborate and solve key challenges through accelerated product and market development.

BEAMP returns this year to facilitate the adoption of advanced building technologies – allowing for cleaner, higher quality construction that is less manpower intensive. 

If you are working on such a solution, this is your opportunity to test bed your innovation with industry players, access mentorship and secure a funded pilot!

Our Industry Partners

Collaborate with leading companies in the built environment sector!


Challenge Areas

Opportunities & Prizes

Development opportunities

Awarded innovators will gain the opportunity to co-develop, testbed and pilot solutions with leading companies in the Built Environment sector.

Funding opportunities

The awarded innovator of each challenge statement will be eligible for an Enterprise Development Grant*.

*Eligibility criteria and conditions apply.


This timeline is subject to changes.

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Q&A Sessions 

We have an array of challenge statements pertinent to the Built Environment sector that you could propose solutions in response. To learn more about our challenge statements, join us at our Q&A Sessions!

Q&A Session 1

Digital Asset Delivery & Project Management

Date: Tuesday, 27 September
Time: 3.30pm - 5.00pm (GMT+8)

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Q&A Session 2

Advanced Design & Fabrication

Date: Thursday, 29 September
Time: 3.30pm - 5.00pm (GMT+8)

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Q&A Session 3

Inspection, Automation & Robotics

Date: Tuesday, 4 October
3.30pm - 5.00pm (GMT+8)

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Keen to Apply?

To make your application, simply fill up the our online form, and attach your proposal detailing how your solution addresses your chosen challenge statement by Monday, 7 November, 2359hrs (GMT+8).
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